K is for Kindness

Dealing with DivasMy LARK method includes:

K is for Kindness

And, finally the L.A.R.K. ends with K for kindness; keep going; kick old habits; and, keep laughing.  All of the above will keep the LARK flying !

Kindness is sometimes tough to find in this business or any other. Yet it’s essential to your mental health and to the health of those around you. Instead of the old saying: “Kill them with kindness” I rather like “Keep them alive with kindness.” Try this turn-a-bout on the old phrase and you’ll find yourself starting to kick the old habits of putting yourself and others down with your words and actions.
If you truly love what you’re doing, I believe the Universe will bring to you people to share the laughter with. People will show up in your life to support you in kicking habits, if need be. I use to be terrible about doing some kind of daily exercise. I have a wonderful friend, Marcie, who lives on a golf course. Every night she walks around this course (the trail is about a mile long!) just at dusk. If you’ve ever been on a golf course you know that the surroundings are beautiful, with old trees, little ponds and flowers everywhere.

Marcie has been my support in making sure I kick the habit of laziness, and making me take that walk with her at least once a week. I highly encourage you to enlist people to help you in the areas that you need the most work. Actually my walks with Marcie cover all the areas of this part of the L.A.R.K. : I keep going no matter what; kick the habit of being lazy; keep laughing as we talk on the walk; and I know I’ve been kind to myself by spending time with my friend and taking care of myself.

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