Let Freedom Ring


Traditionally in America,  July is all about freedom. I think we can celebrate freedom all year long! I wish not to make light of the freedom to vote, to pursue life, liberty and happiness. I’m just pointing out that, in my humble opinion, thinking about freedom one day a year isn’t enough. I don’t have a grand illusion that I’m about to write anything profound, but since it is July, it’s occurred to me that we may live in the freest nation in the world, but we often act (at least in our day-to-day lives) as if we live in bondage. Why is that? Why do we feel oppressed by our relationships, our jobs, our weight, our parents, etc?
     The one constant I have noticed when I’ve been unhappy in any situation is that over the years no matter what the issue may be, the one constant is that I am always there in the middle of it. Not my twin or the guy down the block or the gal across town or whatever. “Wherever I go, there I am.” I can’t seem to be able to get ME out of the picture! As much as I want to blame other people for my dilemma du jour, ultimately it all comes back to me. Oh snap!
     I guess what I’m saying is you have the freedom to choose to run the same old  tapes (they don’t understand me, I deserve better, I hate my life) or you can change your life now. The only one who seems to stand in your way is YOU. Freedom of choice. It’s a beautiful thing and it takes courage (as it did for our Founding Fathers) to fight for what you what you believe in.  So believe in yourself!

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