Maria Shriver and Louise Hay

So yesterday was pretty amazing. Too much to write about in a short blog.

My boss, Louise Hay, along with Gloria Steinem and Billie Jean King (and others) were given the Minerva Award by First Lady of California, Maria Shriver (who I think is a size 2 by the way!). This was the culmination of an all day women’s conference held in Long Beach, CA with many many guest speakers and many many vendors – over 14,000 people attended.Speakers included Warren Buffet, Madeline Albright, Deborah Norville, Sarah Jessica Parker, etc.

It helps to be the celebrity’s assistant I guess because I was in the front row. Not only did I see all the speakers and Maria hand out the awards from a great location, but singer Bonnie Raitt put on a top notch concert, AND everyone’s favorite rock star with a cause, BONO, spoke eloquently for almost an hour. He had us in the palm of his hand. streamed the entire thing live and I received numerous emails from people saying they saw me on TV. Since the front of the stage (aka mosh pit) and aisle to my right were swarming with photographers, I’m not surprised.

It was a fun day and today I got to hold Miss Hay’s Minerva Award – wow, it’s very beautiful, just like she is.

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