Me and Barbra Streisand

Just got the confirmation that I WILL be attending the

February 11, 2011 Music Cares pre-Grammy event in LA honoring Madame Streisand. How close I’ll get to her is anyone’s guess.

I promise to report back about the event the next day. This is a fund raising dinner with entertainment including Barbra singing at the end of the evening. Honoring her are many singers includes Kristin Chenowith, the Glee kids, Tony Bennett and more.

Link to announcement here.

PS  OMG!  What the hell am I going to wear to this???

2 Replies to “Me and Barbra Streisand”

  1. I’ve always liked Barbra. I know she drives people crazy but I think she is mad talented, especially as a director. I’ve never heard of Music Cares though. Guess I’ll have to google that. Have a blast! btw thanks for your monthy e news.

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