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Dear Miss Know It all,

How do you handle a situation where the boss is suddenly so enamored of a gal that is half his age and is constantly asking you to send this person gifts, send and reply to their personal emails, drop and pick the lady up at the airport, etc?

My job has been for the past few years to handle his schedule, manage his household staff and  of course  answer fan mail and the like. This added job seems weird to me. Shouldn’t he be doing all this himself? Especially if he’s so in love with her. Why am I now working for two people?

Pulled in Two Directions

Dear Pulled,

Someone is seriously jealous of someone.

Look, you signed up to be the Personal Assistant, so this is sometimes part of the job. It could be far worse. He could be married and you are lying to the wife while helping the girlfriend out the back door! I know someone who had to do that!

My guess is that this girl is honing in on your me-time with the boss, and let’s face it, your job is akin to being in a marriage. I am sure you spend more time with the boss than you do with your own family and friends. It’s part of the deal. If it’s that much of a burden on you both emotionally and physically, look for work elsewhere.

Otherwise, swallow your humble pie and be the professional I know you are.



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