Miss Know-It-All

MKIADear Miss Know-It-All,

Why should I read this silly column or take any of your advice?

In Control

Dear in Control,

Well first of all, I try to tell some jokes in the column to keep you laughing, or at least, off balance. And you’re absolutely right about not needing to take my advice. If everyone who read these types of columns actually took my advice, I’d be out of work.

Seriously, my guess is that you don’t need any “fixing” but your employers, friends and neighbors sure do? So you might want to keep reading. Otherwise how will you know how to change all of these people around you so that your life will work? That’s the secret to success, right? I think someone once labeled this type of behavior as being a control-freak. But I could be wrong – not!

Miss Know It All

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