Miss Know It All

MKIADear Ms. Know It All,

I have a problem I don’t know how to solve. My boss has been great to me the last five years, always giving me a nice raise every year. But this year instead of the usual performance review where we sit down and talk about the past year and our goals, he just handed me a piece of scratch paper with my new salary on it and walked away. Not only was I shocked that he didn’t take a moment to talk about it, but the raise was half of what I’ve received in the past.

Is he trying to tell me something or am I reading too much into the entire situation?

On the Way Down and Out

Dear Way Out,

There are two issues here to address. First, why, after 5 years with this person, are you worried about your job? Was there anything that you may have done in the past year to tick this person off? My guess is no. Because if you did tick them off, they would’ve told you on the spot. No, my sense is that the boss had other things on his mind and giving you a raise every year for 5 straight years feels like a routine to him by now. What a nice routine!

Which brings us to part two. Perhaps you’ve become a little too complacent in your job and both of you need to take a moment to spend time reconnecting with each other. Working so closely with someone for all this time can become habitual which can then become a bore, for both of you. I was going to suggest that you confront your boss and say, “What’s up?” But I think the smarter thing to do would be to confront yourself and your feelings of low self esteem.

A raise every year for five years? There are other people out there in the work place who would love to be in your shoes. Rejoice in your abundance. LIFE IS GOOD!


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