Miss Know It All

MKIADear Miss Know It All,

How can I get into the entertainment business? I think what you do and who you meet and what you get to see is really cool. I want some of that!

New to It All

Dear New:

The first thing you need to ask yourself is WHY you want to be a celebrity personal assistant? If it’s for the private jets, glamorous parties, handsome men and women, or other perks, I suggest you re-think your career options because those “perks” mentioned above are few and far between.

Yes, I’ve been to the Academy Awards, ridden in numerous limos, and met famous people, but those things don’t happen every day in this job. The routine of managing a household, your employer, her/his staff and assorted other characters is what you will be dealing with day in and day out, not going to parties.

That said, if you are genuinely interested, check out the resources page on my website. This career is not for the faint of heart. Read two chapters of Dealing with Divas and and call me in the morning if you still want to do this!

Miss Know It All

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