Miss Know It All

MKIAThis letter came from a curious MKIA fan via the internet:

Dear Miss Know It All,

What is the one thing I need to know if I want to become a celebrity personal assistant?


Dear Curious,

Like any job, you definitely need to know more than “one” thing! My advice is always the same: go to college. This seems like a no-brainer but you’d be amazed how many kids right out of high school come to Hollywood or New York hoping to land a job as the right hand to a famous star, yet they have neither the life experience nor know-how required to represent a celebrity in the real world. College allows a student to experience many different ethnicities, age groups and philosophies during the course of a year.

Miss Know It All

PostScript: Last year I wrote an article for the internet called “The 10 Top Things You need to Know to Become a Celebrity Personal Assistant” – you can access the entire article here (scroll to September 2008 for the entire article). If you would rather have a hard copy, send me an email and request a copy, and I will happily mail one to you!

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  1. Oops! I was trying to comment on the one where the guy on the internet asked you about being an asst and you said DON’T DO IT! Ha

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