Mistakes Are Okay

Dealing with DivasIn my book, Dealing With Divas, I explore myths that I feel can be changed. Here is one of them:

# 4—Old Thought: Make a mistake and you’ll pay for it.

Mistakes are a normal part of life, and you will make some mistakes in any job. But, what’s the worst thing that can happen if do make a mistake and you tell the truth? My advice is, if you do something wrong—break something, double-book an auditorium, or simply forget an item on the list—tell your employer immediately and ask for help to fix the situation. In baseball, a player is considered a good player if he has a batting average of .333—that’s an average of hitting the ball less than four times out of ten tries at bat! It’s not ten out of ten. If you do something wrong, don’t beat yourself up over it—give yourself a break.

A few years ago, my employer had a new personal chef whom we’ll call Dana. Once, Dana borrowed the family car to go grocery shopping. I think she’d been on the job for only three days. While backing out of the garage, Dana scraped the left side of the car, creating a big dent. She came to me in tears, fearing for her life. I took her in to see our employer, Louise, and Louise’s response was, “Well, now you’ve done this big mess up, so you don’t have to worry anymore. Nothing you can do from now on will be this bad. No worries. The car can be repaired.”

New Thought: Who I am is not determined solely by my successes and my failures, or by what I do right or wrong. Who I am is also determined by how I handle my successes and my failures.

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