Mystery Blogger Fiona: Knock Knock Who’s There 3

Part Three by Fiona

In our last installment, we began by differentiating between uninvited guests in the celebrity world ranging from simple nuisances (as in business associates who show up unannounced or fans who just want to see where movie stars live) and the truly terrifying—and dangerous: stalkers. A good book to read on this subject is Detective Mike Proctor’s, How To Stop A Stalker. It contains detailed information and resources that is useful for celebrity personal assistants who might have to deal with a stalker situation. From my own personal experiences (which I will share with you), the biggest asset you will have in dealing with a stalker is your own ability to keep calm in order to protect not only the people who employ you, but to protect yourself.
In the past, I have confronted a couple varieties of stalkers. One is of the criminal type, who attempts to scam your employer in some way (usually for financial gain.) Knowing your employer has lots of money and a probably aversion to public humiliation, this breed of stalker shows up (uninvited, usually) with some service or item for your employer.

I encountered one very strange man who showed up at the door of my employer’s residence with the offer of “free chiropractic and massage services” for her. After I chased him away (I knew the moment I met him that he was a scam artist) he started creeping on to my employer’s property in the middle of the night!

He succeeded in ambushing her in the garden one night, and convinced her that he would love to give her a series of “free” sessions for massage and chiropractic adjustments at her home.

He professed a deep desire to do so, simply as a “service” since he so admired her not only as an actress but as a “progressive and enlightened human being”. Riiiiiiiight. Of course, he complained about me because I‘d denied him access to her.

He told her that I was a small-minded peon who turned away his generous offer. For reasons I will never understand, my boss became convinced that I had wrongfully prevented her from enjoying this opportunity for “free services” offered by a harmless and kind “spiritual healer”. She chastised me for being so overprotective and for my “negative and suspicious nature.” Celebrities think in mysterious ways, sometimes. Especially when someone throws the word, “free” around them.

Anyway the chiropractic and massages services began accompanied by a great deal of mumbo jumbo and spiritual mystique.

By the tenth session the “spiritual healer” presented my boss a bill (it was an amount in the five figures) for services rendered.

He insisted that this was fair.

After all didn’t we understand that only that first session was free?!

He then complained about the inconvenience of having to perform his services at her residence.

This was interesting since it was exactly the scenario he’d proposed in the first place. All this was news to my boss. After protracted conversations far too involved to mentionshe decided it was easier to pay the bill and cut him loose than bother with further disagreements with this man.

I think by then     even she was a little creeped out by him and didn’t want to get sued for non-payment of his services.

She saw for herself that he had proved too untrustworthy to deal with by then.

In my next blog     I will continue further with this issue.

We will move on to the next – and even worse variety of stalker:  the True Believer. Until then…Ciao


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