Hi there

Haven’t written much lately. I have decided to leave the entertainment industry.

It’s been an interesting ride, thats for sure. Worked for some amazing (and not so amazing) people. For those who have followed my blog posting the last few years, you know that I’ve been working for a fellow who is known around the world for his acting skills. And I posted from time to time all the craziness at his home where I work. Million dollar homes and there is always something to fix. Last week it was a window that was leaking when it rained. In the past, I’ve written about the “pond” project which in hindsight was pretty funny, but I  wasn’t laughing at the time. My little apartment doesn’t have these problems!!

Anyway just wanted to say goodbye. Hope you keep reading here. Shelley is a good egg and has great advice for people. I will certainly use all the things she’s talked about over the years in my new job.

Will miss the Hollywood parties, swag bags and attention that comes with the position I’ve had but I won’t miss the temper tantrums, late night calls and…well, you get the picture.