Mystery Blogger Gayle: Algae

Hello there.

Some of you may remember that a year ago (hard to believe it was that long ago) my boss went out of the country and left me with a nightmare project to handle because he didn’t handle it before he left. This was the pond project. I wrote extensively about my frustrations with the entire process (some of it was actually kind of funny) over the past year.

The pond was finally built.

it developed string algae.

A LOT of string algae.
Meanwhile, he has koia and goldfish. He asked his neighbors about their experiences with ponds. No one had anything good to say. One person told him that they finally had to take out the plants and fish and just dump chlorine in the pond and that it looks spectacular.

He — said boss — of course wants to keep the fish and the plants. Naturally.

So guess what? We had the entire pond power washed and it looks great.

I wonder how long that will last before the algae comes back?


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