Mystery Blogger Gayle: Cheapness

Happy belated new years everyone.

Haven’t had anything earth shattering to report, so, sorry I’ve been away from the site so long.

A little tidbit for today: why are celebrities so cheap????

My boss is a multi-millionaire, and yet he loves a sale or a deal more than life itself. I know these are tough economic times for people, and I think getting something on sale or having a coupon is fun…up to a point.His significant other likes her fair share of the bargain pie too.  She was at a spa a few weeks ago and really liked their skin products. When she get home, she received a coupon in the mail for 15% off products from this spa. All excited, she asked me to order her 2 eye concealers – at $20 a piece – so a $40 order.  When I printed out the receipt for the order, she was taken aback that her 15% hadn’t been applied to the total.


The 15% would amount to a whopping $6.00 – why that’s 2 cups of coffee at Starbucks!! She was not a happy camper. Neither was I. (Read my past posts about the pond. I can be crabby. I digress.)

So I re-did the order, trying to put in the coupon code. Nada. Did it again. Zilch. FInally read the fine print on the coupon: This does not apply to makeup orders.

Oh my.

Well suffice it to say, the order was still placed. And infact, that was yesterday and the makeup arrived today.

Still, this makes you wonder. How is the economy ever going to survive if the rich people are saving their pennies like the rest of us?

Until next time….


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