Mystery Blogger Gayle: Hole in the Ground

It rained today!  If I had an emoticon for jumping up and down I would put it here.

Those who have been reading my blogs, know that I’ve been put in charge of a “pond” project at my boss’s house. Well, I laughingly mentioned he could have his frigging pond finished a lot faster if it rained, and it did!!!!

Ah, That felt good. Now back to reality. Yes it rained. Yes, we have hole in the ground that is now a WET hole in the ground. This does not a pond make. How I wish it did.The HOA appears to have finally okayed this project (which has been on going since the frst week of August — scroll down and read all my posts). I told them I will believe it when I see it in writing. So here we sit waiting for the final papers.

Oh and of course the boss is going out of town again to leave all of this in my lap. Do I get to enjoy this pond (and now I hear it’s also got two waterfalls?)….will I get to enjoy this thing of beauty once it’s finished?

I hope not. I’m sick of it already and it’s just a mud hole right now. I’m not bitter.

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