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Hi there. Did you miss me? Well I always try to wait to blog until I have something interesting to say, unlike Shelley (just kidding).

Here is my thing. I seem to always have to handle a disaster (or two) the minute my boss leaves town. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Karma? Maybe.

So, the boss is on vacation in the South of France for two weeks. YAY!

I promised to keep his two cars (both Lexus’s) happy by driving them while he was gone. The reason these fancy cars have to be driven weekly is because of all the computerized do-hickeys. They drain the batteries. So the minute he left for the airport earlier this week, I decided to leave the office and drive the SUV home. I actually had a yoga lesson so I turned off my cell phone (mistake!!!) and didn’t check it for hours. Happiness is blissful ignorance…

Of course there was a call from the housekeeper when I finally “woke up”, which was now hours old, telling me the other Lexus — a lovely convertible — looked like it had an inside light on in the car. I toyed with driving back to the office (45 minute drive) or staying home. I stayed home. Came in the next day, and viola! The car was fine. I was sooo sure I would have a dead battery. There is God!

A few minutes into work I realized that I had forgotten a USB that I needed the information off of, so I thought — I’ll take the little Lexus home to pick that up! It will be happy I am driving it. I go 10 miles and on comes the “check engine” light. Another few miles and the “tire pressure” light. I think it is talking to me. So I drive it straight to the Lexus dealer (which ironically is right by my house). it is 9:30 am and I have gotten nothing done yet.

Since the SUV is at my house anyway I drive it back to the office. Of course as I am driving it the tire pressure light comes on. Natch. I stop at a gas station fill up the tires with air and the light doesn’t go off. Whatever. I keep driving.

I get to work. Handle the USB info being transferred finish up my work day which includes almost 2 hours on the phone with a computer guy because my computer has crashed and decide: I am NOT going to drive this Lexus home. I am not going to tempt the Lexu goddess today.

I will drive my Volvo home.

I go to the garage and my car won’t start.

As I shake my fist to the heavens I realize something like this ALWAYS happens the second my boss steps on foreign soil. ALWAYS.

End of saga I drove the SUV home. It was fine. Picked up the convertible the next day from the dealer and oh yeah: the Volvo decides to run now. No problem.


At this point the boss had been out of town for only 36 hours. Oh goody. Only 12 more days to go before he returns.

PS  This story I notice isn’t nearly as funny as the pond project saga. I wish it was.

After reading all of this why would anyone want to be a celebrity personal assistant!!

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  1. Finally reading thru the site and i just had to comment! This is crazy! I don’t knwo why you work in this business. I really don’t. Too much pressure!

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