Mystery Blogger Gayle: Never-Ending Pond

Hello all. I’ve been writing about my boss and his little “pond” project since early August. Scroll down to see all the entries about that. It’s been an interesting ride!

Basically, the project is now finished – yea! And I’m over it. All the angst is gone. Today is a new day.Yesterday, I went into work but the boss man wasn’t there. I was under the impression he would be so I called his cell. He picks up and informs me that he is at the “other” house — the one with the aforementioned pond.

Oh, I say. Well do you want me to meet you over there?

Yes, I want to talk to you.

Gulp. Ok. On the drive there, I figure, maybe he found out that I’ve been thinking of going back to college and he wants to see how that will impact my time with him. Or maybe he’s giving me a raise! Yeah, right. I know it’s not that. Or maybe he also has heard through the grapevine that I would like to work less hours. Whatever, I figure now is the time to get all of this out in the open.

I drive up to said house. It’s a beautiful sunny day in Southern California. Isn’t it always? Outside is boss man.

Since I hadn’t seen the finished product, he happily leads me out to the backyard to show off his new pond. Gardeners are busy scurrying around, digging up the earth, planting new plants. I must admit, it all looks beautiful.

I am so glad I never have to be involved with this pond ever again. Now I am bracing for “the talk,” wondering what he has to say to me. Thinking we are going to walk back into the house, I turn to go do just that.

Oh, he says, see this (holding up a container)? These are chemicals that have to be put in the pond three times a week. You take a scoop (he opens up the container to demonstrate) and lift this lid here by the pond and just dump in a spoonful into the water. That’s it.

Um…why you are telling me this?

Oh, because from now on, since you live so close to the house, you will be doing this three times a week.

Oh joy. It’s the project that just keeps on giving.

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