Mystery Blogger Gayle: P Stands for Problem

Had lunch with a fellow assistant the other day and he asked how the pond project turned out at my boss’s other house. I have written extensively about the project, which began last August (check out the archives here for the whole story).

Anyway, long story short, the pond is finished. In fact it looks lovely, has waterfalls and now some fish.

But the conversation with my friend got me to thinking about another project involving water we did years ago. The boss had a different house at the time that overlooked a canyon and the city was far far in the distance. Especially pretty at night. So he decided he needed a hot tub built. We got a pool guy we knew to construct it.He designed it in the shape of an octagon, with a waterfall (what’s with all the waterfalls?), and of course lights you can turn on inside the hot tub at night. It was a very cool tub. And it was all computerized.

This is particularly neat because the master bedroom looked out on the back yard and you could see the hot tub from the bedroom. So the pool/tub guy installed a computer panel on teh wall so you could push buttons from the bedroom to stop.start the tub the waterfall and the lights. This could also be done manually in the tub but it was nice to be able to turn it all off or on from the bedroom.

After all the permits were approved the tub is finally built and the computer set up. Manual handed to me and we all go home smiling.

The next day I walk in and the boss man says the hot tub is broken.

What? It was working fine a few hours ago. How can a $15000 hot tub be broken in less than 12 hours from its installation?

So I go into the bedroom and the computer panel is in cardiac arrest. All the lights are flashing and if it could talk it would be saying TILT TILT TILT!

I say what happened: Um I pushed a button.


And then another one and then another one and….you get the idea.

So I said give me a minute alone with the computer….boss man leaves. I find the reset button. Calming down the computer and restarting the process. All is well. Hot tub is back working.

Telling my friend this story he said well didn’t you know that \P\ isn’t for pond or pool (or hot tub)? It’s for PROBLEM!

Ain’t it the truth?

Well at least there aren’t any current \P\ projects in my future (that I know about).

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  1. OMG! How funny! I finally got around to readlng all your blogs and the pond story just goes from bad to worse! Thanks for sharing.

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