Mystery Blogger Gayle: Pond Redux

Good afternoon all.

For those who have been following my blog, I am responsible for my boss’s new pond (understatement of the year!!!).. scroll down to find all my blogs about this beginning this past August…

Anyway the latest is that the pond has developed string algae, whatever the heck that is. Of course this is discovered just as I am taking off for two weeks vacation and so is the boss man. Neither one of us will be around to handle said pond as we will both be out of the state.Why don’t we just hire the pond guy to handle things, I asked? Because it costs money, duh, boss replied.

So neighbors will handle it…only “it” has become a big production. We’ve gone from 1 scoop of chemicals a week to 10 scoops three times a week, plus a UV light has to be turned on – left on for two days, then turned off, then back on…what???

FInally, we’ve met with said pond guy and seem to have figured out a way to just leave the light on while we’re gone and he, pond man, not the boss, will handle the on-off switch.


I think I nice metal statue would’ve been so much easier to take care of than this water feature. But as you’ve probably surmissed for some time now, my opinion carries NO weight!

Happy holidays. I will be back in the new year with more tales from the crypt…, I mean pond.

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