Mystery Blogger Gayle: The Pond, Continued

Hello everyone. Remember I wrote a few weeks ago about how my boss went to China, I was suppose to have a few days off, but I had to deal with the “pond” issue at his house? If this makes no sense to you, scroll down to my last blog. Trust me, it’s worth reading.

Anyway, the boss is back, labor day holiday is over, and I thought everything was fine. It’s not.The pond construction is still at a standstill. I had plans drawn up and turned in (after a long series of events noted in the blog farther down). Well the boss says he was told the plans aren’t drawn correctly. Actually he told me that in passing last week and said he handled it. I assumed that meant, oh, you know, that it was handled. Bwaaaaaha!


Yesterday afternoon I find out that the plans HAVEN’T been redrawn. I don’t understand the logic of saying “it’s handled” when it isn’t. Can someone please explain this to me?

To be continued…..

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