Mystery Blogger Gayle: Tivo

Hi everyone.

I have been traveling so I apologize for not writing a blog in a while. Luckily Shelley still loves me no matter what!

I wanted to write a tribute to all the people who passed the last few weeks but my heart just isn’t in it.

Instead, a short blog about the boss man. For those who followed my exploits that began last summer with the pond blogs….all appears to be well with the pond as of today. Anything could happen tomorrow though!The latest thing is the boss man (who loves technology but has NO idea how to use it) has decided to have Tivo installed in the main house. Oh oh. I have a bad feeling about this. He is such a charmer but has challenges with how to use his TV remotes right now. So I am thinking this is one more thing to irritate him — actually, it is one more thing to irritate ME!

The Tivo guy tells me today, oh it will be easy. We will just give you new remotes.

I wanted to tell this guy — noooooo! Do you know how long it took me to train the boss man to use the two remotes we currently have?

The Tivo will be installed next week while boss man is away on vacation. By the time he returns I have to figure out how to “train” him all over again.

Sigh. A day in the life…

More later I am sure.


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