Mystery Blogger Identities

Hello all. I am back from my trip to New York City.  Hard to get myself back on the ground and my head back into my work life. That’s what vacation is suppose to be all about, right? You feel transported….

Anyway, I met someone on my trip who has read my blog and commented that I did a nice job, especially with pretending to be all the different mystery bloggers. What? WHOA! Back up.Even if I wanted to take on a split personality x five, it’s not true. All of the bloggers are real people who also happen to be celebrity personal assistants. I don’t have time to do all that blogging and am so grateful that each of them is willing to share with us from their prospective what it’s like to do the work they do.

As much as I would love to take the credit for being so creative, I can’t!

So there you have it. Mystery solved!

And if you haven’t scrolled back in time to read their blogs, please do.!

OK – enough with the !!!!!! points!

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