Mystery Blogger Jdubz: New Job

From April 2009:


hey blogworld!
so it’s been a while, a long while, so long i feel that i have no excuse, but actually i do.

i started working again.

for those who are pa’s, epa’s or estate managers, basically saying ‘i started working again’ explains everything. i am back to crazy hours, non stop phones, scheduling, fires to be put out, emails to respond… you get the idea.

plus the hardest part has been trying to figure out what i can actually write about that isn’t going to get me fired.what i can say is that having a ‘break’ between clients (almost a year to the day) has given me a lot of insight and strength.

the biggest factor is really being able to start in a new work/home office environment and realize how easy it was for me to suss out (or as i like to say perform ‘triage’) what was working and what wasn’t. it amazed me how all assistants that had worked prior to me basically had no clue to what was needed to keep a boss who has 4 business, 5 major properties, and an army of friends and family all over the place life in order.

the good thing was hearing; ‘wow, you’re amazing, i’m amazed how you get everything done.’ ‘my productivitiy has increased 300% since you’ve been here!’
admittidly, it does get a bit tiring to hear it, as my thoughts are ‘why didn’t you have someone like me, or even kinda like me before?’ and also, ‘i’m not getting paid enough.’

so clearly, i’m good at what i do. there have been a couple tasks that have challenged my abilities, but i have found i have been able to conquer any obsticle. that feels pretty damn good.

but, there is a flip side to all this.

it does wear on me of ‘why can’t these people take care of themselves and why do they keep making the same bad choices that complicate thier lives, over and over and over…’

that issue will ALWAYS be there, and the best and only way, and i’m more than happy to get advise from you dear blog reader, but the bottom line is I do this over and over and over because it’s my job and i get paid for it.

and there ain’t nothin’ going on but the rent.

or the mortgage.


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