New CBS Show: The Assistants

BREAKING NEWS: Heather Locklear has also signed on for this show. My guess is that she will play the celebrity boss.

David Henrie has been cast as a celebrity personal assistant in the upcoming CBS TV show, The Assistants.

I reported about this CBS pilot months ago. And mentioned at that time that I was asked to be a consultant on a Fox show of the same type 5 years ago. The show never happened but I think the Fox producers were ahead of the curve and so right about this subject matter. P. Diddy (aka Seans Coombs or whatever he is calling himself these days) did a reality show about his assistants, and of course we all know that Donald Trump has very successful show using the same premise.

I know so many capable personal assistants. I hope CBS is consulting with people who actually work in this business in this capacity and aren’t going to cast the assistant role as a buffoon.

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Congrats, David Henrie!

The 21-year-old Wizards of Waverly Place actor has nabbed the lead role in CBS’ The Assistants, Deadline reports.

David will play Mike who, newly arrived in Hollywood from a small town in Pennsylvania, is hoping his job as an assistant to a big celebrity might open doors for him. In the meantime, he’s learning the ropes from his fellow assistants who know how to tip-toe around their neurotic boss and her equally crazy husband.

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