New Review!

Hello all. As you may or may not know, Dealing with Divas has been reviewed favorably on line by,,, and

Now, there’s a new review by Simon Barrett circulating many web sites as of last week. Here’s a partial read of the review:

I have to admit that one of the most fun parts of being a reviewer is that you learn something new every day. It was not until I had read Dealing With Divas that I realized there was an association solely committed to the plight of those that work for the famous.

While Dealing With Divas is clearly aimed at the niche market of Personal Assistants that work with the sometimes eccentric and egocentric, it is a delightful little read. It is by no means a ‘show and tell,’ there are no wild revelations about your favorite star, but there are some truly funny anecdotal tales.

My one criticism of Dealing With Divas is that it is not nearly long enough. You just start to enjoy the subject, and maybe speculate about some of the situations, and Shelley Anderson pulls the rug out from under you, there are no more pages to read!

What a fun read.

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