On Oprah, Kinda

So my boss told everyone that she was going to be on Oprah. First it was Oct. 9th then moved to Oct. 14 then finally to yesterday, Oct. 16th. We scrambled each time we got the word from Harpo Productions and let everyone know the final air date.

Thursday came and went. Oprah aired her show on Thursday with the First Lady of California, Mrs. Arnold Schwarzenegger….I mean, Maria Shriver. Also featured were 2 of the 5 Minerva Award winners – Gloria Steinem and Billie Jean King – phenomenal women. It was a lovely show.

Um…but what about Louise? Well, if you blinked you missed her.Maria announced all the winners of this annual award, Louise is one of them, and as she spoke about her passion for Louise and her work, a film clip was shown of Louise speaking at a recent conference.

And that was it.

At least Louise was on Oprah two times earlier this year for the entire hour – live and in person! This was just odd, but she is grateful to have been given the award. Actually, she will be receiving it “live and in person” next week at Maria Shriver’s women’s conference along with Ms Steinem and King.

Everyone jumps when Oprah speaks. But personally I am more excited about the conference next week which will bring a large array of women from all walks of life together for a day: Caroline Kennedy, Madeline Albright, Condi Rice, Sally Field, Campbell Brown (CNN), Deborah Norville….and many more.

Oh and an appearance by Bono of all people!!

I promise I will blog about it!

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