Outdoor Sport and Divas

I heard a fascinating interview on NPR today and just had to look into this group further.

DIVA WOW is an interesting mixture of divas, guns, lipstick and high heels with a bit of outdoor fun mixed in for good measure. With a membership of over 6 million women worldwide, they may be the largest women’s organization dedicated to outdoor sports (which includes shooting).

From their website:

DIVAS realize a larger focus is necessary for women and youth
becoming introduced to all outdoor sports…to ensure the legacy
of the great outdoors .™ Our clinics now introduce women to
modern sporting rifles, shotguns, handguns, bb guns, black powder
rifles, rifles, archery, crossbows, fly fishing, spin casting,
dog training and map orienteering.

Maybe this isn’t for everyone, but I liked the fact that this is a free country and if divas want to get together to do outdoor activities usually reserved in the past for men, go for it!

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