Working with Celebrities Seminar

My friend, Rita Tateel, is teaching her class on “Working With Celebrities” (aimed at students of PR, Marketing, Event Planning and Fundraising) on Sat April 21 at UCLA.

Type in “Celebrity “ in the UCLA Extension search box and the details will come up. Please share with anyone who you think might benefit. If enough students enroll Rita will invite a panel of real celebrities to participate.


Sunday Motivation

Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.   

 (Oprah Winfrey)

Dear Miss Know It All

Dear MKIA,

Maybe working as a executive assistant isn’t for me. I’m just kind of over it. Yes, it’s nice to have the perks of flying first class when needed with my employer, or getting her left-overs from Hollywood swag bags, going to the Oscars, and never having to pay for my cell phone service, but is that enough? I work a 50 hour work week when not traveling with her (then it’s 24/7) and I’m always available on the weekends if something comes up. She actually doesn’t abuse that privilege very often, but it does make me nervous to plan any weekend getaways.
I think I’m just burnt out.

When Is It My Time

Dear When,

I don’t know how long you’ve been in this line of business, but my guess is that it has been at least 5 years or more. Burn-out is common when you work those type of hours and have to be on call. Unless you’re independently wealthy, my thought is you probably need this job. So here are some options to consider:

1. Can you take a week off ASAP? You need a break, and a week far, far away from work would do you wonders.

2. Can you talk your employer into hiring a part time #2 assistant to work weekends or when you need another helping hand? I have found this to really work in relieving the #1 of pressure and once the employer starts to trust this person, you can give them more and more responsibility and make THEM be the on-call person, so you can have a breather.

3. Quit. Just kidding.

I suspect you are right…you’re just burnt out, and it happens to the best of us. If you can’t get away immediately, you must at least treat yourself to a massage and go to your favorite restaurant and order something decadent from the menu. You deserve time for you but the key is you have to actually make the time for you, and it can be done. Commit to taking care of yourself this next week, and see how you feel about your job after that. You are worth it. This is your time.



We get so caught up in day to day minutia that I believe we sometimes forget why we love what we do. Many of you work in the entertainment industry or in a related field, and that is why you read my e-zine, and/or write to Miss Know It All. But can you think back to that time when you couldn’t wait to get to work? Remember being so excited that you got to work early and stayed late? Talking later to your friends about the newest of it all? I recently made a friend who reminded me of myself a long time ago — when everything I was doing was fresh and new and exciting, and my joy in greeting each day was palpable. Having a cup of coffee with this person, his enthusiasm for life was infectious! After we parted I found myself grinning from ear to ear and shaking my head at the same time.

There was a little bit of naivety in his musings, but at the same time I couldn’t stop thinking about the thrill he was getting from each new discovery on his journey. Some of the times I have felt this type of excitement were: preparing for an exciting big day like my wedding, having a baby, singing at the Kennedy Center in DC, hearing the laughter of small children, meeting someone for the first time that I have respected my whole life, falling in love, working on a political campaign and the pride I felt when they won. I am sure you have your own moments that have felt special and can relate.

So where did our passion for our jobs and life in general go? Why are we so often just going through the motions? Perhaps we have forgotten what passion really means? Have you ever thought that what you do every day makes a difference to the people around you? I’m not just talking about your work environment, but everyone you meet or are in contact with? My sense is that we block out and tend to forget that we DO make a difference with every smile (or sneer), hug (or rejection), look (or stare). You matter! What you do, feel, think, and say matter. And what is passion? It’s PASS-I-ON. Every time you bring excitement or a sense of newest to whatever you are doing, you are leaving a little bit more of the real, authentic YOU there. You are passing “you” on.


That’s what my friend did.  His love of life stayed with me the rest of the day, and is here now as I write these words. What a wonderful gift. We all have that gift. We gift who we are at every moment. So how are you living your passion today?