On the Internet

Well July has entered with a BANG!

Although there were two typos in the interview (let it go Shell!!!), I’m still really stoked to be officially on the net! As of today at 10:00 am PST, my interview by Norm Goldman is on the following sites:







click here to read my interview with Norm

PS  I was also featured in the iamadiva.com newsletter last week! Whoot!

Number 50 on Amazon

Ranking #50 on Amazon sounds exciting. Especially when you discover that you’ve beat out The Reluctant Spa Director by Skip Williams and Hospitality Management by Matt Casado – ha!

However, the #1 book in my category is still the Fourth Edition of the Restuarant Management Handbook. It costs only $50.37 – slashed from $79.95!!

Heck you can buy FIVE of my books for one of his.

I’m just sayin’.

Mystery Blogger Jdubz: Boundaries

Okay, it’s been a while, but as promised, this post will be my thoughts of boundaries.

While Jordan covered it very well, I thought I would give my own experience and my advice on how to help create some boundaries.

First, know that the boundaries HAVE to come from you. They will not come from your employer. Also know, that is what separates a career EPA / PA and the personal assistant wannabe. Basically all employers want boundaries, but are probably not going be the first to step over them. Plus boundaries can be very, very vague. Continue reading “Mystery Blogger Jdubz: Boundaries”

Please comment on my Blog

I hope you’re enjoying reading my blog and also my mystery bloggers’ blogs. If so, please take a moment and leave a comment. The mystery bloggers in particular will really appreciate it.

So will I!! We want to keep encouraging them to write, right? Thanks!

PS Hope you had a lovely weekend.

Mystery Blogger: Fiona: Knock, Knock, Who’s There?

Part Two by Fiona

In my last blog regarding the way that celebrity personal assistants are called upon to act as gatekeepers, I discussed an annoying but relatively harmless intrusion upon my employer’s privacy. Celebrities are notoriously unavailable to those wishing an audience to grant a favor, for example. They have to be. Not only do they work long and exhausting hours on the set, they are often bombarded with unwanted demands on their free time. Continue reading “Mystery Blogger: Fiona: Knock, Knock, Who’s There?”

Gayle – Mystery Blogger

Just another little report from my perch as a celebrity personal assistant…….

Recently my guy (I would never call him that to his face!)…my celebrity was preparing to do a radio interview.  I actually didn’t have to go to the radio interview with him but was going to meet up with him later, so a close buddy went with him instead. This interview was part of a publicity tour so there were lots of interviews and interaction with fans because of a recent movie release. This radio stop was one of many in that particular city that day. Continue reading “Gayle – Mystery Blogger”

Back from Las Vegas

Sorry I didn’t blog while in Vegas with my boss, Louise Hay, last week. Too much going on! Pictures to follow I promise.

Meanwhile…….got a cute email from a fellow writer at Authornation.com :

PS I ran into some business type gals (Princess Hotel Exec’s), here in Fairbanks who saw your book on the dash of my vehicle and commented on the fact they also have read it.

Wow! I am so pleased to hear that the book made it up to Alaska!

Mystery Blogger Fiona!

Part One by Fiona

Assistants: the Gatekeepers

One of the most difficult positions that a celebrity personal assistant will get put in (and there are many) is when you are called upon to act as the gatekeeper for your boss. You get to be the messenger of bad news. You know that old saying, “don’t kill the messenger?” Well, from Day One as a celebrity personal assistant, you will be the person with the bull’s-eye on the back of your head. It’s not paranoia on your part. You really will be the bearer of bad news who gets all the blame, from all sides. That’s because, when someone wants to see your boss, who gets to break the news that your boss does not want to see them? You, of course.

Continue reading “Mystery Blogger Fiona!”