Introducing Mystery Blogger Gayle

What’s Real?

Hello fellow assistants. My “name” is Gayle. I wanted to just write about an experience I had where I realized that sometimes celebrities live in a different reality than you and me.

Many years ago, around 2002, Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter, while reporting in Pakistan was kidnapped. It may be hard to believe this, but everyone in the United States and even in other parts of the world had been on edge since the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. People were constantly concerned about whether or not the US was going to go to war with Afghanistan and Iraq. Now years later it’s hard to remember when we weren’t at war with these two countries. Continue reading “Introducing Mystery Blogger Gayle”

The Independent (UK)

I was just interviwed by Guy Adams of the UK paper The Independent. Have you heard of it? Anyway, the article he is writing about celebrity assistants will probably just mention my name and my book – no big cover story about ME (smile) but be on the lookout for it, will you? It should be out by July 6. That’s the rumor. Guy seemed like a nice fellow and asked such nice intelligent questions. I feel the article will a favorable one about the world of celebrity assistants.

Mystery Blogger Jordan is baaack!

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil
(The Personal Assistant Code)

by Mystery Blogger Jordan

Once you’ve seen your boss in his or her underwear, a boundary has definitely been crossed. For those of you who have actually seen their celebrity boss naked, it’s a whole other story. That story is one you need to keep to yourself. As cool as it would be to be able to tell your friends that your boss has cellulite like everybody else, you just can’t. Whether your boss swore you to secrecy upon hiring you or not, it is part of the Celebrity Personal Assistant Code that you have to live by. It must not be breached. Ever. You would think this goes without saying: never divulge personal details about your boss to the world. Continue reading “Mystery Blogger Jordan is baaack!”

Miss Know It All

MKIADear Miss Know It All,

I have a question about getting a job. I’m nineteen years old and in my first year of college. When I look for work, I’m told I need experience first before they will hire me, but I need a job so I can have that experience. It all just seems like a vicious cycle to me. Help!

Looking for Work

Continue reading “Miss Know It All”

Confidentiality Agreements

Okay, so you may or may not already know this, but it bears repeating: celebrity personal assistants usually have to sign a confidentiality agreement before they can begin working with a famous person. Basically you (the assistant) aren’t allowed to tell the public what you’re doing, or more to the point, what your celebrity is doing. Most of the time the working relationship is cordial and the work frankly boring. But there are those juicy moments the media would love to be a fly on the wall. Continue reading “Confidentiality Agreements”

Meet Mystery Blogger Jordan!

Boundaries: Knowing When to Stop

Hi, fellow assistants! I would like to introduce myself. Let’s call me Jordan. Like you, I walk the showbiz assistant beat. While I was reading the blog by JDUBZ, it dawned on me that an important subject to discuss is boundaries. Let’s face it: assistants have to be the ones that set them. When you go through the door for the first time as an assistant, walk in with an idea of what you will and will not put up with, period. It’s essential for every assistant to protect her or himself. That is, unless you want to be driving down a canyon with a car with no brakes. Let me explain… Continue reading “Meet Mystery Blogger Jordan!”