Mystery Bloggers

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Be prepared to be dazzled by FOUR different celebrity personal assistants who will be blogging anonymously in the next few days. Personally, I know I’ll be checking back regularly to see what they have to say. I hope you will too!

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Hollywood Book Fair

Mark your calendars for July 12, 2008 – that’s the date for this year’s Hollywood Book Fair. I will be there with my book at Barnes & Noble as part of the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society (GLAWS) booth. We’ll be at The Grove at 3rd and Fairfax – see you there!

Miss Know-It-All

MKIADear Miss Know-It-All,

My boss has been going though many highs and lows the past year (more so than normally!). I have accepted the volatile nature of the beast, but the past twelve months have been exceptionally more erratic. I believe that chemical substances are involved and are the primary reason for the mood swings. The mood swings are affecting our relationship as well as my ability to accomplish any level of work. What is my best course of direction—run or stay?

Moody on Melrose

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Extra TV!

Good afternoon everyone. Secretary’s Week was April 21-25 – and I was the guest speaker at the ACPA ( April 23rd meeting in Los Angeles. Also appearing was my alter ego- Miss Know It All – to answer questions on, well, anything!

EXTRA TV was suppose to show up but THEY DIDN’T really film much and didn’t film me speaking at all. Oh well. I still had fun! Rank

Just for fun I recently checked to see where my book was on It’s not that high in the ratings – #90 last time I looked. Bue what was even more fun was to see what books were beating me out. I could not make this list of titles up! Ahead of me are: Taxi Driving and Capitalism in America and Winning Ways: A Funeral Director’s Guide to Human Relations. Pretty wild, yes? It just goes to show that anyone can write about anything and get it published – even me!

Book Launch Party Was a Hit!

My book launch party was so much fun. A lot of interesting people from all walks of life came and celebrated the launch of DEALING WITH DIVAS. I sold 20 books that day – and sent 25 more to Los Angeles for a party Matthew McConaughey’s mom was having the following week – had to reorder 100 from my publisher the next day!

Then I went into my local Barnes and Noble to set up when to autograph my shelf copies and they were already there to sign! So I did. Weird to see the book finally on the book shelf.

My firend Marcie will be scanning over pictures of the book launch party soon and I will put them on the site. She even had wine bottles with labels of my book cover that said “Book Launch” with the date. Very cool!

Book Signing

Hi there. My friend Marcie is giving me A TEA PARTY tomorrow to celebrate my book’s release. She went from a quiet little get together to a full blown PAR-TAE!!! Because she just got back from China, that’s the party theme, but we’re adding wine and bubbly and food and I will tell stories on myself and my brief encounters with celebrities and their assistants. Then sell and sign my book. It should be fun. I will report back with hopefully some pictures.

Meanwhile my book is going up and down on Lowest rating was #91, highest #12. Very cool.