Today is a new day

Man, I am so excited to have my site re-done by a pro. Thank you Jim! I promise to send lots of people your way in the future. The site looks great.

Dealing With Divas is now available on It is so weird to log onto amazon and find it! I first started on this book in 2003 and to finally have it finished is amazing.

Latest word from my publisher is that the book will be in Barnes and Noble in March sometime. Keep checking back and I’ll let you know when as soon as I know something.

Mistakes Are Okay

Dealing with DivasIn my book, Dealing With Divas, I explore myths that I feel can be changed. Here is one of them:

# 4—Old Thought: Make a mistake and you’ll pay for it.

Mistakes are a normal part of life, and you will make some mistakes in any job. But, what’s the worst thing that can happen if do make a mistake and you tell the truth? My advice is, if you do something wrong—break something, double-book an auditorium, or simply forget an item on the list—tell your employer immediately and ask for help to fix the situation. In baseball, a player is considered a good player if he has a batting average of .333—that’s an average of hitting the ball less than four times out of ten tries at bat! It’s not ten out of ten. If you do something wrong, don’t beat yourself up over it—give yourself a break.

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Welcome to my new site!

Welcome to my new site for my book “Dealing with Divas”! I will be posting here regularly so make sure you visit the site often – bookmark us!

If you have any questions or comments or feedback on the book, make sure you click on the email and send us your thoughts. We want to hear from you!