Paparazzi Dream?

Last night I was honored to be part of a panel of 6 amazing people. We all are (or were) Presidents of the ACPA – the Assn of Celebrity Personal Assistants. The ACPA invited us to speak at a meeting which was held in Beverly Hills at the historic Beverly Wilshire Hotel. The ground floor of this hotel hosts amazing shops such at Saks Fifth Avenue and is a step away from the infamous Rodeo Drive. A beautiful hotel.Anyway, we were treated to wonderful food, drink, and conversation. Over 80 members and guests were in attendance. After the function, I went down to valet parking to pick up my car. Well, I should explain I actually had my boss’s car for the night. Here is what it looks like (not the actual car, but from a dealer’s website). Nice yes?

Apparently, it is so nice that as I got into the car, the paparazzi lightbulbs went aflashing. it took me a minute to realize that was what was happening. This happens to my boss from time to time, but to me???

So be on the lookout next time you are watching TMZ. You could catch a glimpse of moi!

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