Preparing for Oprah

Hello everyone. I hope those in the US and Canada enjoyed the extra day off yesterday for Labor Day. Now it’s back to work!

So, Louise (the boss lady) and I had an interesting Thursday last. She has appeared on Oprah twice this year and is scheduled to appear again in a few weeks. Usually we just fire up the private jet, pack a few things, get the limo and off she goes. But this time Oprah asked for a snippet of film to show on the broadcast when Louise appears. So the house was teeming with activity last week. The film crew and a lovely interviewer gave themselves two hours to set up for the film shoot, but they didn’t expect to encounter the maginificent view of the ocean and lagoon from Louise’s front room. Unfortunately, the natural light from the outside was streaming in so strongly that, sadly, the crew ended up setting up the main shoot in her bedroom sans the beautiful view but perfect for their lighting needs. (They did do a few shots of that view with Louise in her rose garden.)

A few powdered noses later, Louise was answering questions like the pro that she is. Afterwards the crew,Louise and staff were treated to a catered lunch of yummy gourmet sandwiches, giant cookies, and choices of salad and pickles. A fancy and delicious picnic!

When I know the air date for the Oprah show, I will share it here. The word is it will be the first week of October.

Just another day in the life of a diva and her assistant.

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