Reading: A Novel Approach

I have been spending waaaay too much time lately twittering and/or reading other people’s twits. Sometimes, it has been fascinating. The Iran election for instance. Other times, stupid. Who cares about Perez Hilton?

So I decided to do something completely revoltionary. I have taken up reading books again. I know, radical isn’t it? I just finished Steve Martin’s book “Born Standing Up.” Fabulous book. I will be starting the epic “Mists of Avalon” tonight and I have five other books piled by my bedside longingly waiting for me.I’d forgotten how wonderful it was to take the time to read. To really get into the story line. To connect with the writer.

How does one connect with someone in 140 characters (twitter) or less? Yes there is the funny sentence or two (rainn wilson is fun to follow) but that leaves me wanting more.

Therefore, I’ve resolved to turn the computer off at night after a certain hour and turn the pages of the latest book I am involved with.

A novel concept. Time for me and the rest of the world can go bye bye.

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