Run, Diva, Run!

If you like running in marathons, check out Run Like A Diva.

From their website:

Remember when you were younger and would stand in front of the mirror playing dress up? Well, just because you’re a grown-up doesn’t mean you can’t be a princess! Throw on a boa and tiara along the course for an instant pick me up and remember to smile for the cameras when you cross the finish line. The Divas Half Marathon Series is the most fun and glam women’s half marathon series in the nation.  This series is all about girl power. Get glam at one of our races while enjoying a great run in some of the country’s best vacation destinations: Honolulu, HI, Long Island, NY, San Juan, PR, Vail, CO, San Francisco Bay, CA and some new locations to be announced soon.

Sounds like fun!

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