SAG Awards Tonight!

Screen Actor’s Guide Awards are tonight (5:00 pm PT). Lots of divas and divos will be in attendance I’m sure.  The winners of  the top awards usually are an omen for what & who will win The Academy Awards next month.  So I know I’ll be watching to see how SOCIAL NETWORK and THE KING SPEECH do. I feel those are the front runners.

Little tidbits:

Did you know the infamous green room where the stars wait before going on stage will be decorated by Fendi Casa? Very cool.

Betty White will be a presenter. Now this I can’t wait to see!!

Tim Conway will give the Life Achievement Award to Ernie Borgnine (you youngsters have no idea who either one of these guys are I’m sure!).

SAG likes to give  “cast” awards. Something that is rarely done, which I think is cool. Most TV shows really are a team effort so we’ll see who wins tonight.

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