Sick of Reality Shows

A casting call just came across my desk today:

Are you a teen diva? Do you know you are the queen bee and can’t stand being surrounded by people inferior to you? We want to hear from the biggest teen divas out there for a new national talk show!

May I just say I am sick and tired of reality TV?! This casting director had 270 casting calls for reality based TV shows present and future on his site! What ever happened to TV writers and good comedies and dramas? I know some still exist (mostly on cable) but this is so discouraging. Actually, the writers DO exist, they are just underutilized.

Whoever said real life is a sitcom, I hate you! Just kidding. I use to say that all the time, but I’m getting weary folks. Give me a good Broadway play any day over this dribble.

/rant over

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