Spring Cleaning?

The first day of spring was March 21st but with all the weird weather we’ve been having this year, it hasn’t really felt like spring until now. And that brings up the annual ritual of spring cleaning. Oh, I’m not talking about cleaning out your desks and closets; I’m talking about cleaning up your life. Throwing out our physical stuff is easy compared to throwing out the emotions that no longer serve us! Some of us like our stuff. We like whining and complaining and feeling like we’ve been trampled on and can’t wait to tell everyone about it so we can get agreement that our lives are a hot mess. Why? Because telling these stories is so much more fun (we think) than talking about a life that works. And yes, I am moved by people who tell me about how they were able to turn their lives around. I’m not just interested in the miracle stories of people curing themselves of a dis-ease or overcoming a major hardship. Those are inspiring, for sure.


I’m interested in the day to day heroes among us, ie YOU. You see, YOU matter. YOUR unique story matters. Drop the drama and just share who you really are, struggles and all, but do it from a place of humility and of really wanting to share what you’ve  learned that might be of help to others. This is why I wrote my book, Dealing with Divas to share stories and the solutions to the every day grind many of us go through. I really do believe for every problem, there is a solution, no matter how wacky or out there the problem may be!
Pat yourself on the back and share your little victories. It feels so good to know you can tackle something and, then, move on!

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