Stress Busters

I was recently reading a book by author Susan Smith Jones. The funny thing is that I’ve had this book on my shelf for years. Only now did it seem to appeal enough to me to make me want to read it.  It’s called “Recipes for Health Bliss.” Jones is an amazing health and nutrition guru.

Reading her 7 tips for Stress Busting (it’s mostly a food slanted book, obviously), I couldn’t help but realize that all her tips could absolutely be related to the work stress we put ourselves through on a daily basis. See if these “tips” resonate with you? They did me.
1.   Get moving! Sitting behind the computer for 8-12 hours a day isn’t good for you!
2.    Meditate and breathe deeply. Ahh.
3.    Eat a stress-relieving diet. Take stress off of your system by eating more salads, and less french fries.
4.   Keep your body hydrated. Drink that water!
5.   Catch plenty of sleep.
6.   Laugh a lot. This one is my favorites.
7.    Be thankful. Amen.

We get so busy that often we don’t do ANY of the things on that list! I suggest you take a couple of the items on the list and incorporate them in your daily life for a week. Start easy. Try drinking more water and take deep breaths throughout your day. Maybe do a 30 minute walk in the morning (or at night when you get home). I started doing those things first, and they’ve now found themselves into my every day routine. You too can be in a state of bliss. Give it a try!

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