Hi y’all.

I’m on vacation out of the state so sorry not much is being posted. The DIVA NEWS will be coming to you before October 1st, however, have no fear!

I just have to say:

YIKES! As I posted here on July 30th, the rumors about Jennifer Lopez and American Idol are  true. Now what? I guess some people are ambulance chasers and love to watch a train wreck. But 9% of the TV viewing public dropped AI last season and I predict (you read it here first) that more will leave after the initial novelty wears off. Bye bye Simon, and bye bye AI ratings.


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  1. Well since you asked!
    I loved American Idol in the beginning. I so loved Kelly (and still do). It was a cool show where someone like Clay Aiken could come from no where and make it big. Every week was exciting to watch. I t was fun to toot for him. I think his finale with Ruben is still the most watched AI ever.
    But i hated it when they showed tons of stupid ass auditions of people dressed as birds or whatever. Ridiculous! Then Paula leaving was a terrible choice. I know she’s crazy but she was MY crazy and I miss her.
    Barely watched the last two years – just heard the talent wasn’t as good,lots of people already had record contracts. WTH?
    I hate to say this but I hope the show tanks.

  2. I am soooo over Idol. I appreciate your blog by the way. It’s light and fun and I enjoy your diva news too.Miss you on twitter – come back!

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