Dear Miss Know It All

Dear Miss Know It All,MKIA

I may have done something stupid. Need your advice. When my boss travels, I make his hotel reservations. I never book them under his celebrity name. We actually use his birth name. For example: Cary Grant’s real name was Archibald Leech. So if this was for Mr. Grant, I would book it for Mr. Leech. Well, recently we had a really busy week involving sick pets, broken down cars, an some kind of virus on the computers. It was just one of those crazier than normal weeks. For some reason, I booked his recent hotel under his real name. Eek!
Now he is there and people are calling him at the hotel and finding him because of this! I mean, this isn’t Tom Hanks we’re talking about, but still, if I told you his name, he is famous enough, that this shouldn’t happen. I feel like an idiot.  How do I make this error up to him when he returns next week?

Not Thinking

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Grammy Nominations Announced

The Grammy nominations were announced last night.  grammylogo

On CBS on January 26, 2014, only a handful of awards will be given out. In the real Grammy world, there are actually 82 categories. There used to be 105! Check out the full list at

So most of the awards will be given out before the TV lights ever turn on. Still, I have always enjoyed the show (one of the best on TV because of the amazing musicians who perform every year) and because I worked in the industry for a long time.

Here are some of my thoughts and predictions:

1. No Miley Cyrus. What a diss by the academy. She is the hottest singer out there right now.  Surprised also that Ariana Grande didn’t get a nod as she has quite the voice.

2. No nominations for Justin Beiber, One Direction, Demi Levato: not surprised, are you? Not their year…kind of never.

3. Interesting choices to nominate Lorde, Lana Del Rey and Imagine Dragons.

4. NO SURPRISE that Justin T. and Jay Z have a pack of noms, as well as Taylor Swift (the hit maker) and Robin Thicke.

5. God bless the academy for nominating Dionne Warwick’s album for Pop Traditional. She is in her 50th year in the business.

6. Have I been in a cave? I had no idea David Bowie came to with a new album? Lots of noms and I haven’t a clue about this record.

7. Fantasia still dominates in her categories. Amazing. I have a love/hate relationship with her voice.

8. Macklemore should run away with the RAP categories unless the academy goes all Jay Z on us.


 Hard to predict winners but here goes:

ALBUM OF YEAR: should be Swift’s RED – she sold a billion records people. OK maybe not that many, but still!

SONG OF THE YEAR: Katy Perry’s ROAR ……but if Macklemore makes a sweep it could be his night in a lot of categories.

RECORD OF THE YEAR: I love this category this year: Daft Punk, Imagine Dragons, Thicke, Bruno Mars, and a surprising  nod to Lorde. My guess is Thicke but I would love to see Imagine Dragons or Daft Punk win. They are in other categories too so the academy may spread the wealth.

NEW ARTIST: Ed Sheeran  (unless Macklemore has a sweep)

Lee Brice HAS to win for best country song with “I Drive Your Truck”!


That’s it for now.








Academy Awards Wrap Up

Did your favorite picks win? Any thoughts on the Oscars tonight in general?cn_image.size.oscars-ology-the-winners-envelope

Here are my thoughts as the show was airing:

Loved the set! Sparkly!

SETH MACFARLANE! I thought he did a great job. The William Shatner/Gay Men’s Chorus bit was funny. Loved that Sean sang. Who knew Channing Tatum could dance? OMG the sock puppets are cute! Harry Potter dances and sings! Sally Field was a good sport. (Have you seen SOAP DISH? Great movie where Sally plays a soap actress – very funny.)

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Christoph Waltz. Upset! Wow. It was between Tommy Lee Jones and Alan Arkin.

BEST ANIMATED SHORT FILM: Paperman. That was win predicted by everyone. BEST ANIMATED FEATURE FILM: Brave won. Interesting, as Wreck it Ralph had won a few leading up to this.

THE AVENGERS as presenters. BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: Life of Pi, Claudio Miranda VISUAL EFFECTS: Life of Pi

COSTUME DESIGN: Anna Karenina (Jacqueline Durran)        MAKEUP/HAIR: Les Miserables (Westcott & Dartnell)

TRIBUTE TO JAMES BOND brought back lots of great memories. Those are terrific movies. Very classy to bring on Shirley Bassey to sing Goldfinger. Proof, by the way, that one can be 76 and still SING!


DOCUMENTARY FEATURE: Searching for Sugar Man — an amazing story of a musician who became famous in So Africa & Australia but didn’t know it; he eventually agreed to do the documentary and now is touring and singing again

BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE: Amour. Not a surprise. It’s also nominated for Best Picture.

capitol-records-01Aw. The Orchestra is playing live from my old work place: Capitol Records!  The tribute to movies and music was AWESOME! Such talented folks: Catherine Zeta Jones, Jennifer Hudson, the cast of Les Miz. THIS is why I love LIVE theatre. They proved they could sing live (and did so in the film). Please support your local theatre. Please go see a show this year! If you live in NYC, you have no excuse to not support Broadway and off-Broadway works! Okay, off my soapbox.

SOUND MIXING: Les Miserables   SOUND EDITING: A tie! Zero Dark Thirty and Skyfall.

I (heart) Christopher Plummer.  BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS:  Anne Hathaway. Beautiful acceptance speech.

BEST FILM EDITING:    Argo, William Goldenberg (he was also nominated for Zero Dark Thirty in the same category)

ADELE!  How can she only be 24? Orchestra was too loud though.        PRODUCTION (AKA SET) DESIGN: Lincoln

Oh Kristin Stewart. God bless your little heart, but why were you even there presenting with Daniel Radcliffe? Ugh.

Barbra Streisand was Barbara Streisand. Lovely tribute to Marvin Hamlisch. Barbra. How the hell is she 70? Wow.

ORIGINAL SCORE:  Life of Pi, Mychael Danna              SONG FOR A MOVIE:  Skyfall, written by Adele! Her acceptance speech was adorable and that long dress was just right.

SCREENPLAY:    Django Unchained, Quentin Tarantino            ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: ARGO!

       FINAL 4. Meanwhile I just have to say Seth MacFarlane is adorable.

Okay here we go:

BEST ACTRESS:    Jennifer Lawrence for Silver Linings Playbook

BEST ACTOR:   Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln (of course)

DIRECTOR: Ang Lee for Life of Pi.


Final thoughts: These are always long – this was 3 plus hours which is usual. But tonight, it didn’t feel long. I thought it ran very smoothly. Loved the set, loved Seth, loved the nods to music and film and James Bond which was more music. It was a terrific night for movie goers and I think for live theatre goers too.  Kristin Chenoweth and Seth at the end = cute!

Here’s to 2014! Bring Seth back!




Grammys this Sunday!

grammylogoI am leaving for a week long meditation retreat but will be returning literally as the Grammys are airing! Whew. That will be a close one.

Here are some of my predictions.

Record and Album of the Year – this can go either way. Will it be Taylor Swift again or Black Keys? Dark horse is Frank Ocean.

Song of the Year – I will be truly shocked if Kelly Clarkson doesn’t walk away with this for Stronger, although Carly Rae Jepsen has her fans too.

Pop Group: Maroon 5 or LMFAO.

Pop Album: would love to see Pink win this one.

Will Best Rock Song go to Mumford and Sons or Bruce Springsteen? Hmmm. Mumford SHOULD win it but Grammys usually skew traditional.

Broadway battles it out for show album. It’s between Follies and Once. Porgy & Bess could be the upset but I doubt it.

Possible scenario: Mumford and Sons OR Frank Ocean could sweep and take a bunch of awards rendering all my predictions usless!

See you Sunday night for the winners. Oh and Adele should win again. Just because.



The envelope please….

If it’s January, it must be award season. Here is your guide to all the top Hollywood award shows for the beginning of 2013:


You, the people, actually get to vote on all your favorites. Some of the categories are a bit odd but I think that’s why the general public enjoy watching the show each year. On no other show (except maybe the Teen Choice awards) to you get to vote for “Favorite On-Screen Chemistry” or “Favorite Music Fan Following?” Insider scoop: The winners already know ahead of time if they have won.

THE GOLDEN GLOBES – January 13th – NBC – 8 ET/5 PT

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) have always marched to a different drummer which makes this one of the more unpredictable, and therefore, terrific shows to watch. The HFPA now covers 55 countries so the nominees are often from relatively obscure movies but that’s what makes this such an interesting award show. Also, let’s face it, the real news the last few years has been the host. Rick Gervais ruffled feathers as he told the truth while trying to be funny about the stars in the room, and what did the HFPA do but invite him to host AGAIN then next year! This year will be doubly fabulous and funny because the Golden Globes will be hosted by comedians Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. Now THAT’S a show I want to watch! Insider scoop: As much as Hollywood can mock the HFPA, the nominations are taken seriously and often the Oscar nominations  mirror the Globes’.


If you love TV sitcoms, this is your show. Yes, they also give out awards to movies but SAG is to television what the Oscars are to the big screen. So you can count on all your favorite TV stars to be there in the audience. There are actually only 15 awards but EVERYONE in the TV world shows up. Why? Free publicity for their particular show. Even shows that have gone of the air often show up. There are a couple of cool awards: Favorite Ensemble. It would be nice if this was a category taken up by all the organizations that give out statues. Insider scoop: I got to vote this year for the first time!  I’ve been a member for 20+ years but it was as a member of AFTRA. Now that SAG and AFTRA have merged, I am a voting member. So excited. I hope New Girl wins! (Wait. What? They aren’t nominated???? Bummer.)

THE GRAMMYS – February 10th – CBS – 8ET/7CT

This is the only award show I NEVER miss. The Recording Academy used to issue over 100 awards a year. Finally two years ago they cut the categories down to 81. That may not seem like a big change but it really was, and a smart one. If you only tune into to watch the live performances, good for you! This is the only award show that spends more time bringing you music than they do actual awards. I think the total number of awards actually given on air is less than 10. Most of us tune in to see those musicians do their thing. For people who work in the music industry, this is our Super Bowl. Not only can you win an award for producing or songwriting, you can win for writing album notes or designing a cool album cover. From pop to hip hop to rock to jazz to latin to classical, there’s something for everyone. Insider scoop: More and more independent record labels are taking home the gold than ever before rendering the big record companies almost irrelevant.


Everyone goes to the movies. We all have our favorites. This awards show is always the most glamorous. Total Hollywoodsy.  At the SAG awards you might see gals in short dresses and the guys in suits with no ties. The Oscars will have none of that! It’s tuxedos for the gentlemen and the fanciest, most glam long dresses for the ladies. Fashion has become almost more important than the actual awards. Why, I really don’t know, but the red carpet arrival TV shows last as long if not longer than the Oscars themselves! if you watched the Golden Globes last month, you already know who will probably win the Oscars in the top categories. Insider scoop: I have none!


So there you have it. Go to each of the links I’ve posted and you can print out the award nominees for each show. Make your picks and then get out the popcorn and drinks and follow along from the comfort of your living room. Good luck! May the best win!


PS If I remember, I will try to post my thoughts after each show airs.