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Dear MKIA,IMG_5451

What has your boss, author Louise Hay, been up to lately?

Curious in Cleveland

Dear Curious,

Louise is a young 86 and doing great! Lately she has been taking time to stop and smell the roses. Earlier in the year she gave a seminar with author Cheryl Richardson in Germany, and will be doing more workshops this fall in NYC and California with Dr. Mona Lisa Shultz. But for now she is planning a birthday trip to Hawaii and loving all the free time she has to enjoy her friends, seeing movies, reading books (the pile of books were getting out of hand!), keeping in shape with her pilates classes, trying new recipes in the kitchen and collaborating with some interesting people on new books coming out in 2014. May I have as much energy as she does when I am 86!


Louise Hay and Nick Ortner

People often ask how Louise is doing or what she is doing these days so I thought I’d give a quick update.

Louise is (shown on the right) in the radio studio with engineer Kyle Thompson:


First: she is doing awesome! 86 and loving life, she is currently putting the finishing touches on two books she is co-writing with authors Jean Haner and Doctor Mona Lisa Schultz. Separately! Not all three ladies together!

Second, she is gearing up for a week at the fabulous Miraval spa in Tucson Arizona where she will be doing some workshops.

And then she will be speaking in Hamburg, Germany. First visit in 15 years!

Lastly, is a video with Nick Ortner. If you don’t know anything about tapping, watch this video!



Me and Louise Hay

I promised I would post pictures of me with Louise Hay. I just found this one taken at the company holiday party last December. (by the way, the photo makes me look like that was a see through blouse – not true!)

A Little Birdie “tweeted” Me

     Twitter is a social networking phenomenon. There is no other way to describe it. I seriously have to make myself walk away from the computer for an hour every day because it is addictive to read everyone else’s tweets.

     For those who don’t know what twitter is (seriously? I think everyone knows!):  you have only 140 characters to write something fun and send it out to the world. Others who have twitter read your comments and sometimes comment back or RT, retweet what you wrote. You can pick any subject to tweet about. I do diva quotes and other interesting blurbs as I think of them during the day. 

     People tweet everything from the unrest in [insert country name here] to comments on politics or the economy or their relationships, or the more mundane like what they ate for lunch or what movie they’re watching. It’s both amazing and a bit frightening to be that connected to millions of people in the blink of an eye.


Postscript: I tweet a “Diva Quote” everyday.

Dear Miss Know It All

Send questions to:

Dear Miss Know It All,

Why don’t you write about the day to day life of  author Louise Hay? I don’t care about the letters you answer here.


Dear D.S.,

Oh my. Well the “letters” are from real  celebrity personal assistants asking for advice. But since you asked, here’s a peek into the real rundown on Miss Hay’s schedule:

Mornings usually start with mediation, yoga and/or pilates, then a green drink topped off with reading fan mail, doing radio and magazine interviews (we just did one for someone in Slovenia!). Lunch can be with friends or visiting authors, maybe a stroll in San Diego’s Balboa Park, with the afternoon filled with writing her latest book or skypeing with collaborators, calls to her corporate office, picking out new carpets for her home, buying  plants for her vegetable garden, and/or approving grants given by her Foundation. This is when she is home and isn’t traveling to speak some- where!



Louise Hay and Buddha

My boss, self help author Louise Hay, is also a painter.

She recently completed a beautiful oil painting of a Buddha. What a talented gal!

If you would like a print of this Buddha, here is the link.

Your Questions Answered

Okay I am back from my 2 week vacation, so time to answer your questions!

Q: Why don’t you tell us more about your work with author Louise Hay?

A: I hadn’t thought about it! I assumed you would prefer I talk about all types of people, not just my boss. Also I don’t want this is become the “What’s Louise Hay up to today?” blog. That blog is However, I have taken this question to heart and will try to write a little bit about that in the future. If you’re looking for dirt on  celebrities, however, you’ll have to look else where.

Q: Are the questions sent to Miss Know It All real?

A: Absolutely! I know a lot of personal assistants, many to famous people, some just working in an environment that feels like it doesn’t support them, and they want advice. That’s how the column came about.

Q: How about featuring more tips about how to be an assistant or just about coping?

A: Will do! I thought the MKIA column was doing that but clearly people want more so will start featuring tips on a more frequent basis.

Q: Why aren’t you on Facebook?

A: I was, but I prefer  twitter. Please follow me at I post diva quotes everyday and sometimes comment on things like the recent award shows or if a diva is in the news that I want to spotlight. Tweet me back!

Happy anniversary

It was 2 years ago this week that Louise Hay and I did our first radio show, Acts of Kindness, for

Acts of Kindness is still going strong! Tune in every Friday at 9:00 am PT (or check the archives for past airings).