Dear Miss Know It All

Dear Miss Know It All,MKIA

I may have done something stupid. Need your advice. When my boss travels, I make his hotel reservations. I never book them under his celebrity name. We actually use his birth name. For example: Cary Grant’s real name was Archibald Leech. So if this was for Mr. Grant, I would book it for Mr. Leech. Well, recently we had a really busy week involving sick pets, broken down cars, an some kind of virus on the computers. It was just one of those crazier than normal weeks. For some reason, I booked his recent hotel under his real name. Eek!
Now he is there and people are calling him at the hotel and finding him because of this! I mean, this isn’t Tom Hanks we’re talking about, but still, if I told you his name, he is famous enough, that this shouldn’t happen. I feel like an idiot.  How do I make this error up to him when he returns next week?

Not Thinking

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Dear Miss Know It All,

I work in a production office with other assistants. I recently saw an email I don’t think I was supposed to see, and found out that I am not making as much as another person in the office. I have been here five years and she has only  been here one year! Do I talk to my boss about it? I am just so confused about what to do.

Feeling Deflated

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