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Grammy Thoughts



Disclaimer:   I worked as a professional singer way back in the 70s-80s, got the college  music degree also, taught voice forever, AND I worked for a lot of years for Capitol Records (you know that little record label the Beatles were signed to), so I think I know what I am talking about, but music is art and one person’s junk is another one’s treasure, so you may not agree with my assessments below and that’s fine. I made my predictions a while ago – read down my blog and you can find them all. I was pretty right on. Your comments are welcome. Enjoy…





THE 56th Annual Grammys show:

THE SET: I liked it!

OPENING: Beyonce looking the best ever. Wow. And of course Jay-Z showed up. Standing O was well deserved.

LLCOOLJ:     Thankless task to MC these shows, and he did well.

CLOSING: Hey nice touch lots of folks playing the show out.



Lorde: So young, such a mature voice. People who love this type voice will follow her anywhere. Watch this space.

Hunter Hayes: I admit I am not a big fan, but surprised to see he plays piano and he sang very nicely. He really sounded strong. I sit on the fence with him because sometimes he is too pop for me and a little whiny. Not tonight.

Katy Perry: I like her. Not everyone does but someone needs to be the pop princess of the year….maybe even the decade. She delivers. She entertains. And I personally really like her songwriting. She’s not for everyone.

Chicago and Robin Thicke:  I think I’ve heard enough of Blurred Lines this year and it’s only Jan. 26th. LOL

Keith Urban and Gary Clark Jr.: What a nice transition from Chicago to just good old plain singing. And I like Chicago! And what was with all the tweeting about Urban’s hair? He looked fine.

John Legend: Such a class act.

Taylor Swift: Here is another performer some either love or hate. Again, she is so young and has accomplished so much. And in the early years she absolutely couldn’t carry a tune, but all those years of touring have helped her improve. Great role model for the young. Also, she has a really good band behind her, and the standing O doesn’t lie.

Pink (and Nate Ruess) : A consummate performer.  Probably the best of the night. She is underestimated.

Ringo Starr: Loved his photographs behind while he sang. Is he the best singer ever? Duh, of course not. Just cool to recognize him as the icon he is and what he and the other 3 lads have done for music. Peter Frampton backup – nice touch.

Imagine Dragons w/Kendrick Lamar: Radioactive. Love this song. Again, this is music an acquired taste.

Kasey Musgraves: A bit jarring to go from Imagine Dragons to this. I would fire my manager if I were her. LOL

Julie Roberts: Introduced Paul McCartney:  Aw and Ringo playing drums in the background. Nice. Queenie Eye is the song. Paul still has the chops considering her is 200 years old. Love him. Most prolific Beatle.

About the song: The story goes like this: the name “Queenie Eye” and the chorus lyrics are taken from a children’s game McCartney played when he was a boy called “Queenie, Queenie, who’s got the ball?” Sounds quite British, no?

[A note: The Grammys are about honoring current performers and their records, but they’re also a look at the past and a thank you to all those who have come before. I think it was great to have Paul and Ringo there and of course with it being the 50th anniversary of their arrival to the USA, it was fitting to have them there. Same deal with the country artists below.]

Willie Nelson/Kris Kristofferson/Blake Shelton/Merle Haggard: God love Willie and Merle. Time has run out on these guys, but you have to respect their body of work.

Neil Patrick Harris: Introduced Daft Punk and Stevie Wonder. Nile Rodgers and Pharrell Williams played on this too. Very cool. This song deserved to win the Grammy earlier in the evening.  BIGGEST APPLAUSE OF THE NIGHT (until final song with Macklemore).

Music Cares Person of the Year: Carole King with Sara Barrielles. Another nod to the past. Loved Carole’s work in the 70s and 80s.

Jared Leto tribute to Lou Reed and then introduced: Metallica with classical pianist Lang Lang. Very cool. Well, actually hot since they had fire everywhere on stage. Actually this was one of the top 3 performances of the night in my humble opinion. Brilliant idea to pair Lang Lang with metal. Brilliant.

Queen Latifah introducing Macklemore and Ryan Lewis with Madonna singing their LGBT anthem, Same Love (and a wedding at the Grammys?!). It wasn’t as epic as I think they had wished for. I got the sentiment of the moment but it won;t be talked about tomorrow. Most of the chatter will be about Lorde, Daft Punk, the Beatles and I hope Metallica.

In Memoriam Lang Lang started it playing a tribute to Van Cliburn then pictures were shown on the screen of those who passed. So many gone. Miranda Lambert and Billie Joe Armstrong celebrating Everly Brothers.


Not shown on TV: Musical Theater album: Kinky Boots. I’m sorry my friend Wilda’s MOTOWN and Cornelius Grant didn’t win that one. Kathy Griffin has been nominated 6 times for comedy LP and finally won. Not surprised.



The TV show has always been all about the performances, not really about the awards. Only 10 are given out live. For the full list of winners in the 80+ categories, go to Do I wish all of the awards could be given out live? Sure! It’ll never happen.

New Artist: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (sorry Ed Sheeran) – not really a surprise.

Pop Duo: Daft Punk and Nile Rodgers! Thrilled for them! They stayed in character. Loved it.

Best Rock Song: Cut Me Some Slack by Paul McCartney (and Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic & Pat Smear)

Best Pop Solo: Lorde for Royals. Bruno Mars was robbed. JMHO

Best Rap/Sung Collaboration: Jaz-Z and Justin Timberlake for Holy Grail. No surprise there.

Best Pop Vocal LP: Bruno Mars for Unorthodox Jukebox! Upset! I wanted him to win but I was sure Justin would take it.

Best Country Album: Kasey Musgraves. I’m surprised since Taylor Swift’s RED sold a billion zillion records.  Miranda and Blake canceled each other out.

Song of the Year:  Lorde for Royals. Really? Well I figured this might happen. I think ANYONE else in the category should’ve won. She beat out Katy Perry and Bruno Mars? Really.

Record of the Year: DAFT PUNK!!!! I was sure Mackelmore would take this, so they will probably take Album of the Year.

Album of the Year: But no! DAFT PUNK WON!! Love it!


My favorite moment tonight:  The James Earl Jones commercial – he will be guest starring on Big Bang Theory – ad showed him saying “Sherman, I’m not your father.” LOL








And the Grammy Goes To…..

Have any favorites you are looking forward to hear sing this weekend at the Grammys? grammylogo

Grammy performers

Confirmed to perform are:

  • Billie Joe Armstrong and Miranda Lambert in tribute to Phil Everly
  • Sara Bareilles with 2014 MusiCares Person of the Year Carole King
  • Gary Clark Jr.
  • Daft Punk with Nile Rodgers (of Chic), Pharrell Williams, Stevie Wonder and the RAM (Random Access Memories) session players: Chris Caswell, Nathan East, Omar Hakim, and Paul Jackson Jr.
  • Merle Haggard, 2014 Recording Academy Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, and Blake Shelton
  • Hunter Hayes
  • Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons
  • John Legend
  • Lorde
  • Madonna with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Mary Lambert
  • Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, who as members of the Beatles will receive the 2014 Recording Academy Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Metallica and GRAMMY Cultural Ambassador to China Lang Lang
  • Kacey Musgraves
  • Nine Inch Nails, Queens Of The Stone Age, Dave Grohl, and Lindsey Buckingham in a rousing finale
  • Katy Perry
  • Pink and Nate Ruess (of Fun.)
  • Taylor Swift
  • Robin Thicke and GRAMMY-winning group Chicago
  • Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue
  • Keith Urban

The Tina and Amy Show

…also known as the Golden Globes will be handed out this Sunday.

Many look at who is nominated and who wins as a precursor to the Academy Award front-runners.

Here’s my take on it”

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Show

All I really care about is what Amy and Tina will be doing. Love those gals!


SAG Noms Sent it

SAG Award


I just sent in my nominations for the 20th annual SAG Awards. Will be curious to see how many of the people I chose will be part of the official noms which will be announced this Wednesday.

Suffice it to say I did NOT nominate Steve Moyer or Carrie Underwood (and yes they submitted themselves for nomination).

PS  I love that they have a category for best ensemble. Can you guess who I nominated?

Grammy Nominations Announced

The Grammy nominations were announced last night.  grammylogo

On CBS on January 26, 2014, only a handful of awards will be given out. In the real Grammy world, there are actually 82 categories. There used to be 105! Check out the full list at

So most of the awards will be given out before the TV lights ever turn on. Still, I have always enjoyed the show (one of the best on TV because of the amazing musicians who perform every year) and because I worked in the industry for a long time.

Here are some of my thoughts and predictions:

1. No Miley Cyrus. What a diss by the academy. She is the hottest singer out there right now.  Surprised also that Ariana Grande didn’t get a nod as she has quite the voice.

2. No nominations for Justin Beiber, One Direction, Demi Levato: not surprised, are you? Not their year…kind of never.

3. Interesting choices to nominate Lorde, Lana Del Rey and Imagine Dragons.

4. NO SURPRISE that Justin T. and Jay Z have a pack of noms, as well as Taylor Swift (the hit maker) and Robin Thicke.

5. God bless the academy for nominating Dionne Warwick’s album for Pop Traditional. She is in her 50th year in the business.

6. Have I been in a cave? I had no idea David Bowie came to with a new album? Lots of noms and I haven’t a clue about this record.

7. Fantasia still dominates in her categories. Amazing. I have a love/hate relationship with her voice.

8. Macklemore should run away with the RAP categories unless the academy goes all Jay Z on us.


 Hard to predict winners but here goes:

ALBUM OF YEAR: should be Swift’s RED – she sold a billion records people. OK maybe not that many, but still!

SONG OF THE YEAR: Katy Perry’s ROAR ……but if Macklemore makes a sweep it could be his night in a lot of categories.

RECORD OF THE YEAR: I love this category this year: Daft Punk, Imagine Dragons, Thicke, Bruno Mars, and a surprising  nod to Lorde. My guess is Thicke but I would love to see Imagine Dragons or Daft Punk win. They are in other categories too so the academy may spread the wealth.

NEW ARTIST: Ed Sheeran  (unless Macklemore has a sweep)

Lee Brice HAS to win for best country song with “I Drive Your Truck”!


That’s it for now.








Award Season!

Friendly reminder for those of you who salivate at the thought of Hollywood’s Awards Season. Here are the dates for 2014: award


Jan 8: People’s Choice Awards

Jan 10-12: Golden Globe Awards Weekend

Jan 16: Critics Choice Awards

Jan 16-26: Sundance Film Festival

Jan 18: SAG Awards

Jan 26: Grammy Awards Weekend

March 2: Academy Awards


I am on the nominating committee for the SAG Awards, so I will be watching that with particular interest. And I NEVER, EVER miss the Grammys!


Do you have any favorites? Tweet or comment here.


emmys-2010-225 Okay Primetime EMMY nominations came in today.

Here are my thoughts:

Are these the only shows on TV?

American Horror Story

Breaking Bad        Downton Abby          Game of Thrones          Girls     Homeland    House of Cards         Mad Men

Modern Family …         and the now cancelled 30 Rock and The Office

So these are the shows that got the most nominations. Over and over and over

again. Same old, same old.

Bright spots: The Tonys received writing nods, which they should. Anthony Bourdain’s new show got quite a few nods which was a pleasant surprise.  Colbert and Daily Show of course were nominated. It would be nice to see a tie there.

Odd: I find it a sad commentary of TV these days that the “Variety Show” category is made up mostly of award shows. Really? We need to bring back the variety format folks!  Special Class included the Super Bowl halftime. I guess that’s what the TV folks think is entertainment? No offense to Beyonce intended.

Confused: I know many hated The Newsroom on HBO (at least Jeff Daniels got a nod) but to not nominate Aaron Sorkin for writing (unless I missed it) is a travesty in  my opinion.


The Emmys will air on September 22nd at 8:00 PM on CBS.