If it’s January, it must be award season. Here is your guide to all the top Hollywood award shows for the beginning of 2013:


You, the people, actually get to vote on all your favorites. Some of the categories are a bit odd but I think that’s why the general public enjoy watching the show each year. On no other show (except maybe the Teen Choice awards) to you get to vote for “Favorite On-Screen Chemistry” or “Favorite Music Fan Following?” Insider scoop: The winners already know ahead of time if they have won.

THE GOLDEN GLOBES – January 13th – NBC – 8 ET/5 PT

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) have always marched to a different drummer which makes this one of the more unpredictable, and therefore, terrific shows to watch. The HFPA now covers 55 countries so the nominees are often from relatively obscure movies but that’s what makes this such an interesting award show. Also, let’s face it, the real news the last few years has been the host. Rick Gervais ruffled feathers as he told the truth while trying to be funny about the stars in the room, and what did the HFPA do but invite him to host AGAIN then next year! This year will be doubly fabulous and funny because the Golden Globes will be hosted by comedians Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. Now THAT’S a show I want to watch! Insider scoop: As much as Hollywood can mock the HFPA, the nominations are taken seriously and often the Oscar nominations  mirror the Globes’.


If you love TV sitcoms, this is your show. Yes, they also give out awards to movies but SAG is to television what the Oscars are to the big screen. So you can count on all your favorite TV stars to be there in the audience. There are actually only 15 awards but EVERYONE in the TV world shows up. Why? Free publicity for their particular show. Even shows that have gone of the air often show up. There are a couple of cool awards: Favorite Ensemble. It would be nice if this was a category taken up by all the organizations that give out statues. Insider scoop: I got to vote this year for the first time!  I’ve been a member for 20+ years but it was as a member of AFTRA. Now that SAG and AFTRA have merged, I am a voting member. So excited. I hope New Girl wins! (Wait. What? They aren’t nominated???? Bummer.)

THE GRAMMYS – February 10th – CBS – 8ET/7CT

This is the only award show I NEVER miss. The Recording Academy used to issue over 100 awards a year. Finally two years ago they cut the categories down to 81. That may not seem like a big change but it really was, and a smart one. If you only tune into to watch the live performances, good for you! This is the only award show that spends more time bringing you music than they do actual awards. I think the total number of awards actually given on air is less than 10. Most of us tune in to see those musicians do their thing. For people who work in the music industry, this is our Super Bowl. Not only can you win an award for producing or songwriting, you can win for writing album notes or designing a cool album cover. From pop to hip hop to rock to jazz to latin to classical, there’s something for everyone. Insider scoop: More and more independent record labels are taking home the gold than ever before rendering the big record companies almost irrelevant.


Everyone goes to the movies. We all have our favorites. This awards show is always the most glamorous. Total Hollywoodsy.  At the SAG awards you might see gals in short dresses and the guys in suits with no ties. The Oscars will have none of that! It’s tuxedos for the gentlemen and the fanciest, most glam long dresses for the ladies. Fashion has become almost more important than the actual awards. Why, I really don’t know, but the red carpet arrival TV shows last as long if not longer than the Oscars themselves! if you watched the Golden Globes last month, you already know who will probably win the Oscars in the top categories. Insider scoop: I have none!


So there you have it. Go to each of the links I’ve posted and you can print out the award nominees for each show. Make your picks and then get out the popcorn and drinks and follow along from the comfort of your living room. Good luck! May the best win!


PS If I remember, I will try to post my thoughts after each show airs.