The Grammys!

Did you enjoy the Grammys last night? I hate to admit how many decades I’ve been watching that show?! Anyway, I always look past the stars to see if I recognize anyone working the red carpet – the assistants who are sometimes hired to help with traffic flow, etc. – but no one popped out tonight. Loved the start of the show – Alicia, Carrie, the Beatles – then the rest of the show, not so much.  Glad Foo Flighters sang but what about Panic at the Disco or Tool? I am technically an old fogie but even I was tired of Aretha Franklin (who use to be such a talent) – would rather have heard Cece Winans or Gladys Knight! Oh well. Enjoyed Josh Groban and Andrea B. And actually liked Amy Winehouse’s set, short as it was. Grammys are gone for another year.

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