The Tina and Amy Show

…also known as the Golden Globes will be handed out this Sunday.

Many look at who is nominated and who wins as a precursor to the Academy Award front-runners.

Here’s my take on it”

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Show

All I really care about is what Amy and Tina will be doing. Love those gals!


2 Replies to “The Tina and Amy Show”

  1. I actually missed them. Of course, not surprised that Sandra Bullock won. She is the darling of the people. I was surprised that she beat out Jennifer Lawrence though. Both ladies had strong year at the movies.

    Happy for The Voice as I think it is a better show than American idol.

    I like Chris Colfer but best comedic actor? Really?

    Always happy when Stephen Colbert wins.

    And of course Katy Perry. Love that gal! ROAR!

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