An interesting bunch of celeb birthdays this week before Christmas: who knew that songwriters Noel Coward and Ludwig von Beethoven shared the same day? Check out the 2 hunks on 12/19 – yum!

All of these folks fall under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius (the born entertainer) so not a surprise to see Brad Pitt, Christina Aguliera and Jake Gyllenhaal listed.beethoven

12/14   Vanessa Hudgens (20)

12/15   Adam Brody (29)

12/16   Noel Coward, Ludwig von Beethoven

12/17   Milla Jovovich (33)

12/18   Katie Holmes (30), Brad Pitt (45), Christina Aguilera (28)

12/19   Jake Gyllenhaal (28), Tyson Beckford (37)

12/20   American Idol David Cook (26)

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