Vote for your Favorite Diva!

When you think of the word  ULTIMATE DIVA, who comes up in your mind?

These are my picks below. Let me know who you would choose as the ULTIMATE DIVA by commenting here (or emailing me: I’ll post the results at the end of the month!

Barbra Streisand

Bette Davis


Donald Trump

Lady Gaga

Mariah Carey

Miss Piggy

Paula Abdul

Roseanne Barr

19 Replies to “Vote for your Favorite Diva!”

  1. Hey! Where is Whitney Houston? I know…she’s been off the radar for awhile but remember her reality show with Bobby? Oh my she and he were whack. I think she use to be a great singer but is still a diva.

  2. Wow this is kind of hard as they all have they’re diva moments for sure. I guess the first person I do think of when you say DIVA is Barbara.

  3. Sorry Joy but I disagree. I really think Cher is the whole package. Yes you can be known for being really difficult, which is Streisand’s thing, but I also think of a diva as someone who is down right fabulous and who embodies fabulousness (is that a word?) than Cher?

  4. What about Joan Crawford? I guess I’m showing my age, but you do have Bette Davis listed. Their rivalry was legendary.

  5. Ok, good Diva is Cher, she always “behaved” in public even if she was a little wild.

    Bad Diva would be Barbar Striesand, she keeps trying to push her political beliefs on all who will listen to her music, use to be a fan, not anymore.

  6. Man, it’s hard to decide between Piggy and Cher! The supreme diva of divas was Maria Callas, but I wouldn’t call her a favorite.

    What a great Diva! and a wonderful role model for females. I love how she has always been a rebel and stood her ground for her truth. The best example of that is how she refused to have a nose job to “further her career.” Hah! She sure showed her managers that she knew best.

    And what a remarkable talent – her voice is the only one that consistently moves me. She’s the real deal.

    And I love how she has said that she is a perfectionist when it comes to acting/directing, but since she’s a woman that behavior earns her the bitch title. When a man acts in a similar manner he’s… well, he’s just a man doing his thing.

    As you can tell, I love Barbra and cast my Diva vote for her.
    Thank you,
    Judith Brigolin

  8. Hard to choose. I like all of them for various reasons. Bette was fericious and so is Lady Gaga. I love Barbra’s voice. Roseanne is just plain nuts but I like that about her. Paula Abdul was an amazing dancer back in the day and is considered a diva now I guess for her antics on TV, but I wouldn’t say she;s the ultimate. Since Mariah had the twins, she has kept a low profile otherwise she would definitely be a contender. I love Miss Piggy! But my vote still has to go to Cher.

  9. Hard to choose on this. I really love watching Paula Abdul but not sureyou can call her a diva, more of a train wreck we all love. I guess if I have to choose ONE, it’s Miss Piggy.

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